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Better Quotes with Paperless Parts!

One of the goals we have at BetterCNC is to be one of the most accessible machine shops. Part of that mission is to be able to provide some of the fastest and most accurate quotes in the industry. To do that we have implemented Paperless Parts to automate and streamline our quoting process to provide our customers with the best experience and to ensure all of their data is protected with the highest level of security.

The industry standard when it comes to quoting looked like this::

  1. Receive RFQ and PDF prints from the customer.

  2. Print the entire package.

  3. A quoter who has been off the floor for a period of time guesstimates how long it will take to build the part

  4. A review with personnel on the floor goes over the quote

  5. Material and special requirements are quoted by outside vendors

  6. Build parts with material costs and run times into the ERP System.

  7. Send the quote via email to the customer.

In a typical shop, this process can take days or weeks depending on how backed up they are and complexity of the project. At BetterCNC, we recognize that our customers’ needs are continuously evolving with the need to get products to market faster and the challenges facing the supply chains. We knew we had to be different to ensure we could be the best industry-leading solutions to help our customers deliver on time. We knew we had to be better.

Paperless Parts enables us to analyze 3D CAD geometry and automatically estimates setups, setup times, and run times. This system also gives us the ability to securely collaborate with customers looking for feedback on the manufacturability of their parts in real time.

We provide our customers with:

● An easy way to submit RFQs directly through our website (Click Here to Submit)

● Secure communication regarding part files and quotes to enable better collaboration on things like revisions or feature changes

● The ability to provide customers with consistent and accurate quotes, same day in most cases

● A digital quote that provides all the possible purchasing options for the RFQ

● The ability to easily checkout and submit your Purchase Orders through a new Digital Quote.

We recognize the importance of protecting our customers’ intellectual property and that the cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving. The Paperless Parts platform offers the power of a cloud-based solution combined with the highest level of cybersecurity in line with new CMMC regulations. See a sample quote here!

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