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BetterCNC is a start-up CNC machine shop, based in Garland, Texas, founded in January 2021. But, BetterCNC isn’t just your run of the mill CNC machine shop. We are the shop that does things differently, we are the shop that does things better.

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With over a decade of experience working primarily in aerospace and defense, we understand what it means to make precision components.

We maintain an ISO 9000:2015 compliant quality manual. If you need material certificates, first article inspection reports or any other quality documentation, just let us know at time of quote. Being a start-up, we can provide the same quality you expect for prototyping or production runs for a fraction the cost larger machine shops quote.

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Our Work Over Weekends service is built to both help those with small projects in our community, as well as any company that has a project they need back right away. And this service is exactly as it’s named. We’ll take your project and work on it over the weekend so that it is ready for you by Monday.

While most shops would charge an exorbitant amount to work on weekends, we do things a little different here!(A benefit of being a start-up!) We maintain a different scheduling block over the weekends, so instead of being overtime, it is simply planned available time.

For our community, this is the time for any projects you need help with that require a bit more technical know-how to get done at an affordable cost. Most shops turn this work away or apply high minimum orders, but we LOVE our community and want to do our part to help everyone.

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There are a lot of people out in the world with ideas but don’t have the resources available to bring it to fruition. We want to help you! We welcome anyone with an idea they are working on that needs prototyping or needs smaller production runs to get things going.

We can help with design manufacturability, or consult on the best means for production. If you need someone down in the trenches with you working through kinks and bugs, that’s what we are here for. Let us help you bring your idea to life!

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